Honey Bear - D2018024

Female Dog aged Adult.

Meet the sweetest, most timid girl you are ever going to meet. She came up from KC last January with four pups. Her four boys got adopted but Honey Bear is unusually timid and fearful. She is a flight response dog, not a fight response dog and has never been aggressive and uses avoidance to protect herself. She has come an amazingly long way with her current foster but as with most dogs, is a work in- progress. She will cower or run when approached still today but that doesn’t deter us 😊. She is left out in the foster home with a couple of other dogs when the foster is at work for 9 hours a day and sometimes will pull blankets off the couch and pile them in the middle of the floor for “nesting”. Other than that, no accidents or chewing at all. She is not destructive and is used to small children. She is fearful and cannot be approached head on or she will flee. The foster is working on her trust and confidence. Honey Bear was a real “feral” and it will take a lot of patience and calm work to make her the amazing dog we know she can be. She has been spayed and was heartworm positive but has finished her treatment and is filling out nicely. She now comes up on the bed at night and in the mornings for “her special rub downs” and is slowly beginning to like the human touch. The foster has a fenced in yard and she has never attempted to jump the fence. She has to leave the back door open for her to come through on her own but Honey Bear is wanting to be with the pack so usually comes in quickly. A lead is intimidating to her so the foster uses a harness that cannot be left on her as she will chew through it. She only wears the harness when leaving the home. Around the house she wears a bell so the foster can know where she is and can avoid “surprising and scaring her”. She only barks when excited with her tail wags and her foster comes through the door. She has been around numerous dogs and currently lives with 8 dogs of varying size, age and temperament. She never lets the foster approach her in the yard but if the foster lays down in the grass she will cautiously approach for scratches and rubs. She is a very special girl that has come a long way but still has a ways to go and is truly a luv bug that just needs love and patience to bloom.

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